Shortlisted Batch C Applicants Should Take Note Of The Following Information

Shortlisted Batch C Applicants Should Take Note Of The Following Information

It is no longer news that most Nigerians applied or registered for the N-Power program (Batch C). This program is organized by the Federal Government Of Nigeria in order to provide more job opportunities for Nigerians.

Most of the applicants are eager and desperate to know whether they will be shortlisted. Some people have already lost hope in the program.
N-Power Shortlist: Successful Applicants Should Take Note Of The Following Information.

However, successful N-Power applicants should endeavour to do the following in order for God to help them succeed.

1) Don't forget to always pray on behalf of the application that you submitted.

Most individuals neglect the power of God when they are seeking for employment and this is very bad. It's very important that you always say your prayers and ask God to put your name among the applicants that will be shortlisted.

2) Always say positive things about your application.

Some people say bad things about their N-Power applications, they don't know that words are powerful and it can influence somethings. So, it's advisable that you should be optimistic.

3) Don't forget to be checking your email regularly to know when they will shortlist.

This is very important in order for you to be informed at all times.

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